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Archives of Bangladesh history


Heritage is an independent professional depository of important documents, photographs, journals and periodicals, magazines, local history books and digital items. It aims at creating a new type of open, service-oriented and user-friendly archives in Bangladesh. Heritage has been functioning in a separate building of 1500 sqft × 3 floors.

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Heritage Archives

The reason for establishing
Heritage Archives

The collective memory of Bangladesh and its 140 million inhabitants is severely threatened because there are no places where we can deposit our historical material. There are only a few archives in Bangladesh and they collect state records.
So, for collecting and preserving such materials which neither the state archives, nor the existing libraries of Bangladesh collect and preserve, ‘Heritage: Archives of Bangladesh History’ has been established.


Present collection includes: specialized periodicals (i.e. on left political parties, women, NGOS, cultural organizations etc), posters, leaflets, souvenirs, local history books etc.

Books on Local History and Indigenous People

The important section of Heritage is on local studies (studies on Districts and Upazilas) and on aboriginals of Bangladesh. Heritage has about 15000 books on 64 districts of Bangladesh.

Journals and Periodicals

Heritage has already collected journals and periodicals on about 2850 titles. The periodicals are important because no library in Bangladesh collects them.

Govt. Publications

It has collected District Gazetteers, Survey and Settlement Operation Reports, Census Reports (1872-1951), Annual Administration Reports (1870 on wards), Education Commission Reports, Acts etc.


The Heritage has collected about 5000 important posters on cultural movements, left political parties, festivals, etc.

Booklets & Leaflets

Heritage has collected hundreds of political, social, cultural booklets and leaflets. The number exceeds 4500.

Paper Clippings

Heritage makes paper clipping from almost all leading dailies of Bangladesh. These have been classified into 50 different titles, i.e on liberation movement of Bangladesh.


Books on
Local history






poster & leaflets



Heritage Archives organizes various Seminers, Conference, Meetings, Workshops.
It also publishes a journal named 'Sthaniyo ITIHASH' in every two months.

Research Opportunity

It currently remains open 3 & a half hours a day, from 9.00am to 12.30Pm. Three researchers can work together. For financial constraints it can not provide much facilities to the researchers. Also It has two guest rooms for the readers. Only researchers can stay their at night only for the purpose of research.

Visiting Opportunity

Anyone can pay a visit to Heritage Archives for either research purpose or just visiting purpose. It Usually remains open from 9.00am to 12.30Pm and closed on Friday. But for special reason it can be open anytime of the day. Please Make an appointment with a phone call before making the final visit in the Archives.


Heritage has been functioning in a separate building of 510sqm. The length of Heritage collection would be approximately 2.5 km. Address: Heritage Archives of Bangladesh History Trust 456-Ka Kajla, Rajshahi 6204, Bangladesh

...Heritage has been a unique endeavour from the start, but it has now blossomed into a depository that is attracting more and more donations from around the country ... For a researcher, it is a joy to be here ...

Willem Van Schendel
Willem Van Schendel
Professor, University of Amsterdam

This is such an important & timely endeavour! ... I have looked for such a place in Bangladesh for a longtime & I feel I have finally found it. I am so glad that local leaflets, Posters, greeting cards, etc. have a house where they can make future academics, researchers, historians smile for a while ...

Dr. Annu Jalais
Dr. Annu Jalais
National University of Singapore